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The RWC Group provides top tier advisory and risk management services by supplying highly experienced professionals, on demand, to financial institutions, financial technology companies, corporate treasury, and federal government agencies. RWC specializes in providing talent on a just-in-time basis to help its’ clients accomplish their goals in complex operating environments. These services include an array of project management, process improvement, revenue enhancement, systems and technology improvement, accounting, and financial control and management services.

We specialize in creating an atmosphere of change coupled with providing the people necessary to implement change most effectively in the organization. Our clients are offered both immediate and long-term solutions to issues in their risk management, product delivery, financial management, process control, service delivery, and technology management arenas. This is accomplished through the production of measurable and sustainable practices and performance changes within the organization that are consistent with the strategic performance goals set by our clients. The RWC Group delivers subject matter experts who work for its clients to get the job done efficiently and accurately.

The efforts of our experts typically deliver one or a combination of benefits to you:

• Enhanced Operational Performance

• Measurable Quality Improvements

• Increased Profitability

• Improved Productivity

The RWC Group is more than just a staffing company. At The RWC Group, we assess each assignment on a case-by-case basis before  selecting the right people with the right experience to get your job done right, every time.



What do you do?

We specialize in providing uniquely skilled human resources. Our clients are either temporarily understaffed or require a specialized skill set to either solve a problem or accomplish a goal. We provide staff augmentation, operational staffing, outsourcing, management consulting, integration and conversion support, accounting, project management, business analysts, compliance, profit enhancement, legal staffing and a whole host of specialized backroom services.

How can you help me?

If you have a project or situation that demands specialized manpower, we can help you. Our goal is to assist in areas where you are either temporarily understaffed or have a need for a specialized skill set.

How long have you been in business?

We are in our 11th year of business and have grown and expanded our product offering every year. We either do or have done business with 16 of the top 20 banks in the US as well as the US Government.

Where are you located?

Our administrative operations are just outside of San Antonio, TX. However our management team and relationship managers are geographically disbursed throughout the country.

Since my company does not have any Texas operations, how can you help me?

One of our guiding principles is that we want to provide you with a specialist who is uniquely qualified to achieve your objective. To that end we recruit our specialists from all over the country to locate individuals who are best qualified for the assignment. We then send our specialists to you.

How do you handle the travel costs?

Travel costs are billed on a pass through basis and we aggressively manage those costs. Our standard travel policy requires that specialists limit their return trips home to every other week. We have an in-house travel agent and contracts with extended stay housing companies all over the nation to minimize costs.

Can you find someone local to my area for an assignment?

We will be happy to search our database and see if we have a qualified candidate in your area. It all depends upon the skill set and availability.

How big is your company?

We typically have 100 to 200 consultants engaged at any one time.

What is the average length of an engagement?

Of course this depends upon the size and complexity of the assignment. Our engagements can last as short as a few weeks and our outsourcing clients have been with us for years. If we do our job, and we always do, we work our way out of a job and leave the client with fewer headaches and significantly less risk that that when we arrived.

Who are your customers?

Our largest clients are in the financial services sector however we have business in other private sector industries as well as a large federal government practice. We either do or have done business with 16 of the top 20 banks in the US as well as the US Government. We have also worked with smaller banks including some De novos.

How are you different for other firms?

Providing human capital is our only business. Most other firms offer human capital as a secondary business that enhances the margin on other products or services.  We do not sell hardware, software or exotic ideas purporting to magically lower costs or increase earnings. We do however bring a no nonsense approach to solving problems and reaching resolution.

What is your background?

You have to look to the company’s origin to answer that question. Most of us had long and successful careers as commercial bankers at or near the top of our professions. One thing we learned was that at one time or another we had been overcome by events beyond our control and that there was a no one on the outside to turn to for help. The consulting companies wanted to tell us how what we had done wrong or how to fix the situation however in most cases it was a shortage of man power or expertise that we struggled with. Therein lies the business model for our company. Find the right people with the right expertise to assist our clients in solving their problems.


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