Saturday , August 23 , 2014
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Realize significant and sustainable performance improvement with The RWC Group’s Outsourcing Solutions. Our offerings include Managed Services and Human Resources Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) provide services that dramatically reduce costs and improve organizational capabilities, allowing your organization to focus on the long-term business value.

  • Managed Services – We provide a comprehensive, automated single point of management control for all your outside consultants and contractors.
  • Human Resources BPO – We transform your rigid staffing structure into a dynamic, highly flexible, cost-effective organization through the acquisition of your current talent. Our unique model retains your existing hardware, software, site and other operational delivery infrastructure while morphing your staff into The RWC Group network

The RWC Groups Managed Services offers total automation of your end-to-end contract process.

  • Our capabilities allow your organization to create a centralize contract database of organization-wide vendor information. You’ll have the ability to track contract terms, preferred vendors and open bids to manage risk, agreement terms, discounts and other critical information.
  • Our workflow tools allow users to mange time, expense and contractor performance while obtaining spend intelligence and consolidated billing across your vendors.
The Human Resources BPO service offers the optimal blend of in-house infrastructure with the highly efficient, outsourced talent pool.
  • Our capabilities allow your organization to transform non-core operational teams, multiple vertical teams or cross-discipline functions into cost effective, dynamic resources.
  • You can make real-time capacity decisions ensuring your capacity closely matches your intra-day or long term demand.
  • Drawing from a pre-qualified pool of over 800 resources, The RWC Group can provide the talent you need to effectively manage legacy process to prepare for what’s next.

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