At The RWC Group, we assess each assignment on a case-by-case basis before selecting the right people with the right experience to get your job done right, every time.

Providing human capital is our only business. Most other firms offer human capital as a secondary business that enhances the margin on other products or services. We do not sell hardware, software or exotic ideas purporting to magically lower costs or increase earnings. We do however bring a no nonsense approach to solving problems and reaching resolution. We recruit our experts from all over the country to locate individuals who are best qualified for the assignment. We then send our specialists to you.


One of our guiding principles is that we want to provide you with specialists who are uniquely qualified to achieve your objective. If you have a project or situation that demands specialized manpower, we can help you. Our goal is to assist in areas where you are either temporarily understaffed or have a need for a specialized skill set. Your success lies in our experts getting the job done with results that you need.